I’m back and I’ve missed you!

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Hello long, lost blog world! If you don’t remember me I understand, because I have been on a break from blogging for almost three months. The crazy thing is that I never intended to take such a vacation. Life has been absolutely, overwhelmingly busy these last few weeks and I am just now taking a breather.

Here is a quick catch up on life:

  1. Amelia turned ONE and is a non-stop mover and shaker (I’m being literal here)
  2. We moved into our newly renovated home 7 weeks ago and still have people coming and going to get it 100% finished
  3. We have already hosted over 40 people at our house (most of these at Amelia’s first bday bash)
  4. We have been to two out of town weddings back to back weekends after moving and to the Cayman Islands for a anniversary getaway
  5. I competed in a Tribal Wars competition and lived to tell the tale (Similar to cross-fit competition)
  6. We celebrated our Five Year Anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.
  7. Amelia started Parents-Day-Out for the first time

Life has been AWESOME, but go-go-go and I found myself unable to take as much “me” time to be creative. I’ve written a few pieces I’ll polish and post-date, but overall my writing has declined. I hope to get back to a more consistent schedule, but let’s face it, with an active one-year-old at home I can’t make any promises.


While I’ve been away I have undertaken a new productivity mission thanks to Claire Diaz-Ortiz, author of Design Your Day, which has lead to me become more present and intentional at home. Her method involves picking a “Word of the Year”, setting clear goals in different life categories, and pushing yourself to be productive in those goals. My word for this year (June-June) is PRESENCE. Here’s why:

  1. I want to be more present in my relationship with Christ. When life gets as fast-paced as it has been I tend to spend less time in prayer, study and relationship with my Savior.
  2. I want to be more present in my marriage. This means less mindless TV watching, more love-language speaking, and definitely less phone/social media after the baby goes down for the night. Jess and I even started a once a week “check in” I will write about in a separate post.
  3. I want to be more present with my daughter. While I don’t struggle as much here because she is naturally more demanding and needy I can always be more thankful and appreciative of where she is in life at the present moment.
  4. I want to be more present with my friends and family.  We designed our home intentionally with guests and get-togethers in mind.
  5. I want to be more present with myself. I want to appreciate more and wish for less.

Jess also read Design Your Day, and while he has a very different Word of the Year it has been great accountability to journey through our goals together. I hope to update you on any grand revelations this practice brings me, but for now this is where I leave you.

I look forward to getting back to blogging and hope you forgive me for my absence. If you want an update on anything in particular just let me know in the comment section or email me!


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  1. Vicki mann
    July 8, 2016 at 7:27 am (2 years ago)

    So good to have you back! I have missed our time together.


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