Diary of a Crazy Day of Baby Travel

Baby and Suitcase

One Month Out: We are officially flying! Today I booked a flight to Greenville, SC to visit a dear friend. It is a one way ticket because Jess will be on his way back from Asheville, NC and will pick me up on Sunday on his way home. The ticket is super cheap because it’s at 5:25 am…yes, you read that right. We have a car picking us up at 3:30 am and will arrive in Greenville around 9:05 am. Our total travel time is 2.5 hours, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep Amelia occupied for the entire process. This may be wishful thinking, haha! Because the flight is so early and cheap I secured us first class tickets on the first row to allow for more leg room, and more room for Amelia!

One Week Out: Today I added the “Infant in Arms” indication on my reservation. Delta made the process quick and easy. I also created an account on Delta’s website so I can access my flight information on the Delta app and hopefully through Passbook. I’m skeptical I can use Passbook because the special note about Amelia doesn’t show up, but maybe it does now. We’ll see!

2 Days Out: I am awesome. I just MADE a toy! That calm down bottle tutorial on Pinterest was way easier than I thought. I think I’ll make a travel size for the plane and a bigger one for our road trip home and send it with Jess. I’m thinking of everything! Yes!

Night Before: Ok, I am packed, showered, makeup and hair done, Amelia is sleeping in her travel outfit and we are ready to go. Now just to set a million alarms so I will wake up in time to drink coffee before our hired car arrives at 3:30 am. I feel soooooo fancy.

2:15 am: I don’t want to get up!!!!

2:25 am: Man, coffee is the bomb!

3:15 am: I thought Amelia would go right back to sleep in the carseat, oh well, I’ll just swing it back and forth for 15 minutes.

3:30 am: Alright, let’s do this!

3:35 am: Hmmm… where is the car? Amelia, I know you are tired of being in the car seat in the middle of the night, but it will be here any second. Maybe I should call and check on my ride. Ok, no answer, makes sense because it’s 3:35 am.

3:45 am: ┬áStill no car…We are going to be late! Why is no one answering the phone! If you are sending a driver in the night you should at least have HIM on call!

3:50 am: My flight is hardly over an hour away, I cannot wait another minute. Change of plans! We are driving ourselves.

3:55 am: Why do we have so much stuff? Ok, here we go. We are driving to the airport and parking in the deck, no time for off site parking. I hope we still have time to check bags! Amelia, why are you still awake?

4:05 am: Made it! Where is the terminal. Why is this parking deck so crazy? Why aren’t there more signs pointing to the terminal? How am I going to carry everything? Ok, I’ll put Amelia in the baby wrap, sling the carseat bag over my shoulder and stuff this other bag in there with it and roll the suitcase with the other hand…wait, I only have two hands.

4:10 am: My arms are going to fall off, but I’m here! And there is a huge line…

4:30 am: Why did I not know my ticked with SkyPriority and I could get in the other line and be seen immediately? They should put that in BOLD on the ticket! Oh well, at least they took my bags and security isn’t too busy.

Waiting at the Airport

4:45 am: I deserve a vanilla latte, Starbucks, here I come!

4:50 am: Boarding now? I can’t drink this coffee and hold a baby at the same time. I haven’t even taken a sip. It’s thrown away and can’t be done…ugh.

4:53 am: Hello fancy business man, yes I am sitting next to you in first class with my baby who has just now decided she is famished and will scream until her bottle reaches her lips. Deal with it. Yes, I saw that eye roll as your ordered your coffee black.

5:15 am: Bottle done, let’s take off! Delayed on the runway? What?

5:30 am-6:30 am: Sure, Amelia, you may step on me to look out the window. Ok, I’ll read you a book. Now you want your calm down bottle, fine. Yep, just slam that sucker on the ground. No, that man does not want to be climbed on. Ok, the window again, sure…

7:30 am Eastern: Made it to Atlanta, my gate is RIGHT THERE, halleluja! Now you want to sleep chlld? Wait,we are already boarding?

8:15 am: And you are awake, right as we are taking off. Sorry other fancy business man.

8:15-9 am: Yes, Amelia, you can sit on the floor, and pull up, and sit, and crawl and pull up and sit…

9:15 am: We have arrived!!! Thank the Lord above, seriously!

The end… except for the Uber ride, rented baby equipment, and general car travel with baby. Thankfully I have an amazing friend ready to help while in Greenville. If you want to know about the rest of my trip let me know! I may muster up another post about it. For now, I hope you enjoyed the play by play. Notice, the craziness did not come from my child, and I am so thankful for her laid back attitude. The driver who never showed up, however, is on my list.


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