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I believe in living a life full of grace; a life in which fear and insecurity are traded in for confidence and dreaming. In a world where comparison and trying to create the picture perfect life is commonplace, I hope to provide perspective on the beauty of doing the best we can and letting God fill in the rest.

I am a wife, mother, former English teacher, current stay-at-home-mom and aspiring writer. I have been married to my best friend and encourager, Jess, since June 18, 2011 and we became parents to sweet Amelia in June 2015. Our home is in Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama where our church is within walking distance and neighbors gather in front yards.

My life is far from perfect. I have stumbled and fallen, failed and pressed onward. My occupation has changed five times in four years, all beginning within 2 months of married life. These are not the details which define me, but the stepping stones for growth. Courage and faith in those moments of questioning made me who I am today, and my hope is that my lessons and stories encourage and inspire others.

My blog title, Living Grace-fully, is a play on words. I hope to appear graceful as I navigate these new steps, but this feat is not my priority. Instead, I hope to live grace-fully, as in full of grace. I have learned to accept the mistakes as they come and let go of perfection. My loving God is allowing me this wonderful opportunity to write and share, and I am simply saying, “yes” to His calling. I’m trusting He will use my willingness for His glory.

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you more than you know!


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