8 Things I Never Thought I Would Do As a Parent

Parenthood is all about losing a little control. Your heart is literally living outside of your body which means you will do some crazy things. This does not make you a crazy person, but you may fool people into thinking you are obsessed with your child. Let’s face it, you probably are. Here are eight things I never thought I would do as a parent but are now a part of life:

  1. Kiss my child on the mouth: I thought, why the drool covered, germy mouth? Come on parents, kiss them on the cheek or on top of their head. Now that I’m a parent, I kiss that baby wherever the heck I want. I made her! And it is not gross AT ALL.
  2. Leave toys all over the house: “I’ll put everything away when it’s not being used, our house won’t look like a kid even lives here.” Ha! It’s good in theory, but to be honest, it’s so much easier when at least some toys/play yards/bouncers stay out where you are. At least you get full on ninja training as your learn to maneuver through countless obstacles while carrying a baby in the dark.Toys Everywhere
  3. Care what my kid is wearing: I’m a pretty laid back person, and in the early days of pregnancy I could have cared less about the fashion options for my baby, but now, oh man. I want to put Amelia in the cutest stuff, even if it’s only for a couple hours. I want her in little bows which coordinate to her outfit, which looks casual, but cute. Maybe it’s the girl thing and I wouldn’t care as much with a boy, but I have a feeling I’ve created a monster. But, hey, they are only little once.
  4. Show baby pictures to EVERYONE: Sorry friends and strangers, you will see many pictures of my child. I have hundreds on my phone and they are all Instagram-worthy but for your sake I limit my posting. So, you owe it to me to endure my picture scrolling and giant smile when you ask about my child.
  5. Desire alone time: I love love love spending time with my little girl, watching her grow and learn, laugh and smile, but there are times I want to be by myself. Before I was a parent I didn’t like being alone, so I assumed I would always want my kids around, but I’ve realized time on your own is necessary and refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m away from my baby girl even for an hour I miss her and want to get back, but there are times I must strike out into the world on my own. This includes making date night a priority so mommy and daddy can have alone time together! At the Coffee House
  6. Use the Nose Freida: If you don’t know what this is I will spare you the details (you can google it). I said I would NEVER use this disgusting contraption…I lied.
  7. Ask people about their hygiene: Are your hands clean? Can you wipe down your phone? Would you like some hand sanitizer? Is your purse strap clean? I’m all about building my babe’s immune system, but she get’s enough germs from all the carrying around I do with her, so please watch what part of your person is going in her mouth.
  8. Love her so much it hurts: I will just look at her and feel my heart burst. I am in constant awe of God’s handiwork and the intricacies of her little personality. I dream about her future and pray over my inadequacies in mothering her. This love is something you just can’t comprehend until you have a child, and even though hundreds of people tell you about this love, it will still catch you by surprise.At a Wedding

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  1. Alli Herring
    February 10, 2016 at 8:39 am (2 years ago)

    You are an awesome mom!!!!


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